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Dalmatian Driving School - OUR PHILOSOPHY

We feel that we are one of the most pro-active driving schools in Geelong.

At Dalmatian Driving School it is our belief that a majority of motor vehicle collisions are preventable.

These collisions are, not so much, preventable by the person who has made the mistake but by the person who should have anticipated that mistake. Surprisingly enough, this is usually the "innocent party".

We are not saying that the "innocent party" is necessarily at fault in a collision but they can be a contributing factor. We feel that many leaner drivers are not taught to "expect the unexpected". We mentor our students to be alert & suspicious of drivers' and other road users' behaviour (pedestrians, cyclists etc...).

Indicators are just an indication, not necessarily a "going to". Trust them less!!
Green traffic lights indicate that you can proceed lawfully, but can you proceed safely?
If the driver waiting in the intersecting road isn't looking in your direction he/she may not be aware that you are even there.
Don't trust what you can't see. If your vision of a car is blocked, the driver of that car probably cannot see you either.
Stop and give way signs don't seem to mean much. Don't trust that the driver of the other vehicle will stop, or give way!!
Most young children don't think like adults and can be impulsive, beware of young children close to the roadway!!
You have reasonable control of what is happening whilst you are approaching hazards. Use your mirrors (more) for hazards behind, these you have much less control over!!
Anything that moves in your field of vision is a hazard!!
If it doesn't look right, it probably isn't!!

During your lesson we will NOT use a mobile phone (talk or text) except in an extreme emergency, in which case your lesson duration will be extended. We are of the opinion that it is your money and therefore, your time. If you ring us and we don't answer, please leave a message and we will return your call at the earliest opportunity.

To make a booking...

Call or Text: Michelle Smith 0409 707 603 or Simon Birrell 0419 568 789
Office on: 52 555 805
Email: dalmatiandrivingschool@hotmail.com

As we will most likely be on the road training students and your business is important to us, please leave
a message & a return phone number, we will call you back as soon as we are able!

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