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Dalmatian Driving School - SUPERVISOR TIPS

Position on road
If your learner is having trouble staying in their lane (position on road) and wanders from side to side, it may help if you have them look much further along the road, this will allow them to use their peripheral vision to check where they are in the lane. It is advisable to explain the value of peripheral vision and demonstrate whilst the vehicle is initially stationary at the side of the road. We find that this procedure has been successful with all of our students.

From the onset it is advisable to have your learner driver travel at a speed which is approximately 5kph below the posted speed limit. This is excellent practice for the future drive test as it can take some of the nerves away. It also allows the learner to more equally balance their concentration on the hazards and their speed together. This process is, more importantly, great practice for their future safety on the roads. It will also assist them not to fall foul of expensive speed camera fines or other speed enforcement.

Be more aware
Having your learner give a commentary on what they are seeing as they are driving along the road can be really beneficial. This allows you to be aware what your learner is seeing and, more importantly, not seeing. This can also assist your learner to practice the "system of car control" which they will need to exhibit when performing their drive test.

Early professional driving lessons
We realise that your job as the supervising driver is very important and we at Dalmatian Driving School commend you for showing great patience and, sometimes, suffering increased stress levels. You are an important piece of the fabric that allows your learners to reach their 120 hours and give them the experience to safely go onto their "P's". Please remember that the legislated minimum for a log book is 120 hours, there is no maximum! We believe that "the more hours, the better!!!" should be every supervising driver and learner driver's motto.

Early professional driving lessons can allow us to supply a stable platform for your learners to build on. This can give us the opportunity to teach many safety techniques, some of which you may not be familiar with. We encourage you to join your learner's 2nd or 3rd lesson to see what we are about and to pick up some tips for your continued mentoring.

One or two professional driving lessons every 40 hours, or so, can potentially save the need for substantial late repair work nearing the drive test.

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